What I learned in Barwick

Earlier this month, I attended a veterans’ appreciation evening in Barwick.
My staff and I had first visited this pretty and welcoming town during our riding tour in September. Barwick charmed us all that day with its legendary quilters, its lovely lighthouse, and its famous “Chapple Pie” (a delicious blend of cherry and apple).
Barwick showed me much more than simple charms at the Nov. 12 dinner.
The warm hospitality and the very delicious home-cooked supper would have been more than enough to content me, but the evening was made extra-special by the depth of the after-dinner performances.
Veterans described their times at sea, on land, and in the air. A retired nurse told of operations conducted during bombing raids. A local man just returned from serving with the U.S. Army in Iraq talked of families holding together in the war zone.
A young violinist played marvelously and an ensemble sang the songs that were popular during the wars. Simple props like museum artifacts and historical clothing combined with a little technology to lend an air of authenticity.
For me, the evening was both educational and emotional. A community’s demonstration of that kind of patriotism shows real appreciation for our veterans—and the hard work of the performers and organizers was rewarded by the quality of their production.
I’ve left many events wishing that more people could have seen the show. That night I wished that everyone I have ever met could have been there!
That display of remembrance sets a great example for all to extend a nation’s gratitude to its veterans and its military. Barwick is a community that shall always remember—and their spirit lifts us all.

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