Wet weather affecting work at EARS

We managed to sneak in some actual field work at EARS this past week. One day, we actually worked outside the entire day without getting rained on.
Sadly, we are doing stuff that we should have been doing early May, but we are just getting at it now.
Forages are becoming over-mature, but until we get our spring work finished, we cannot start working on them.
I know someone asked one of my students if we planned on cutting the plots this year, and yes we are, but June has been one miserable month to try and get much done.
As of Monday (June 28), we have had 133.7 mm of rain this month for a total since April 1 of 250.9 mm.
Actually, it wouldn’t be that wet if we would have a bit more heat.
• • •
I was trying to stay ahead of my lawn this week so I ended up cutting in the rain the other night—the rain did make the lawn look a bit rough, but the bugs were almost carrying me away. I guess that is just one of the joys of living where we live.
The cattle are really battling the bugs now, you will notice them all huddled up together with tails and heads swinging to try and get rid of some of the nasty pests.
I always have felt those nice warm spring days have to be the cows’ favourite time of the year—pleasant temperatures but yet no bugs!
They are certainly turning up the sod where they huddle up these days with the ground being this wet. We took Maddie and Marlee out too check the cows at home the other night and found a nice patch of strawberries, but it was difficult picking with the deer flies and bull dogs eagerly ready to attack.
I think when things get good like pasture, berries etc, and so do the bugs!
• • •
I forgot to mention last week that the Rainy River 4-H Relay for Life Team made $3,985.74! Good work fellow 4-Hers.
All reports are that the 4-H members are ready to walk again next year, the volunteers seem to be a bit slower in making that decision just yet!
Thanks so much to Kim Desserre for pulling this all together—she is a great organizer.
• • •
There is a sub-committee of the Rainy River District Regional Abattoir Committee in action currently! The sub-committee is doing a small campaign for memberships.
The abattoir is a community owned facility and we want this to be a part of our community for a very long time so we decided to do a membership drive.
If you don’t currently have a membership you will likely be paid a visit or phone call from someone.
This is also a good chance to clear up some of the rumours that are still floating around out there: Things are running well at the facility and I was told the other day that the abattoir is using less than one household’s amount of water. So, good work, staff!
• • •
My boyfriend/partner took Maddie and Marlee out for a closer inspection of the kill-deer nest at my house.
It turned out that at that very time the little birds where hatching.
One little bird had just popped out and was trying to get his feet working; he was walking but still falling on his head since he was so new.
They decided not to disturb them at that time since things were busy around that nest.
Later, Maddie was telling Grandma about the miracle she had seen and explained about the baby kill-deer; and there was still going to be 3 more miracles that night! (I hope the miracles are okay. We seem to have a family of magpies living close by as well.)
• • •
My boyfriend/partner was brave enough to take my mom and dad and me fishing over the weekend. We did quite well, but mom was pretty proud that she caught the first fish, the biggest fish and the most. (We think she might have lost the most too, but it was truly her day!)

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