We’re constantly changing to improve

You may have noticed a change in the front page of the Fort Frances Times last week.
The masthead was re-designed, spreading Fort Frances Times across the top of the page.
In changing the masthead, designer Susan Taylor chose an old-style found in most papers. In fact, up until 1970, this was the way the paper was presented to its readers.
The original typeface was Helvetica. We now are using a “Times” font that originally was designed for the London Times.
The new design looks back to the past but with a forward feel.
We kept the original name of the paper, “Rainy Lake Herald.” The paper was first published in the United States at Rainy Lake City and when the city failed in the gold rush, the paper came to Fort Frances and renamed itself as the Fort Frances Times, but continued to use its old name as a combined name linking both Fort Frances and Rainy Lake City.
The boxes at the bottom of the front page used to give readers information of what could be found inside. Now those information boxes are on the left column of the front page and can be quickly scanned without having to unfold the paper.
You also may have noticed more colour is found throughout the paper. That comes as a result of a change in technology that allows us to print colour across the press web.
In the new year, you will see other changes as design changes are implemented throughout the paper.
Meanwhile, beginning next week, you will be able to buy the newspaper online by the edition (it will be the full printed edition). A special button will be on the front page that will take you to the paper, which you can buy individual, monthly, or semi-annual subscriptions.
You can pay for the full electronic printed edition directly online.
The full printed edition will be available shortly after noon on Wednesdays.
Our partner in the project is a company in Kent, England. They place many of the larger full editions on the web, and in North America their largest client is Metro.
One of the features will connect advertisers’ ads in the paper to advertisers’ web pages through the simple click of a button.
We constantly are looking for interesting pictures on the website. We ask our readers to click on the button “Submit Your Photos Online” (it is found on the first page of www.fftimes.com)
We hope that this Christmas, readers will submit photos of their outdoor lights or scenes of the season. You can view them by clicking “reader’s photos” in the quick links box.
We also look for your winter weather photos. Snowstorms, outdoor sliding, and digging out all help tell the story of life here in Northwestern Ontario. Help us tell the story of living and enjoying winter life in Rainy River District.
You also can see various photo albums of events that have involved people from the district throughout the year. They include 455 pictures of the band trip to Europe, as well as dance recitals.
And Santa now can receive letters from readers and young people. They simply have to write their letter in the special form and click the send button.
The connection is made by clicking the button “Email your Christmas List to Santa” on the font page of www.fftimes.com
All letters received either in the Santa mailbox at the newspaper office or via e-mail will be printed in the special Christmas edition being published on Dec. 16.
We constantly are changing the newspaper and website in an effort to improve the way stories are presented to readers, and to improve the quality of advertisements and their success for the advertisers who use our services.

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