Weather has brought delays, beauty

Weather has brought delays, beauty
We are already into 2005. And like every year before it, we begin with new optimism and fond memories.
We are seeing snow that we remember from our childhood and haven’t seen in several years. We can hear the crisp crunch of snow underfoot from the cold that has followed.
The elementary and secondary schools students are back in school while those in college and university have started trickling back to campuses. The long Christmas holiday is over.
This holiday travel season seemed to have been filled with delays. Few round trips have been made without some adventure. My youngest, who headed back to school on Sunday, had been scheduled to leave shortly after 1 p.m.
The plane actually left shortly before 2 p.m., but then ensuing weather delays had him arriving in Ottawa about 4 a.m. on Monday—almost eight hours late.
His cousin, who had to leave right after Christmas, fell into delays, as well, which delayed his arrival to well after midnight. The delays have been shared by thousands of other Canadians this Christmas season.
Travel and weather seems to be the story of this holiday season.
Here in Borderland, the weather this past week has been quite dreadful. Snow, followed by rain, followed by snow and then freezing temperatures has helped make travel quite difficult.
The ruts on the streets of Fort Frances help guide cars down paths that leave the driver shaken as vehicles can suddenly shift to the right or left.
On the highways, the pounded ice covering the pavement makes the roadway feel like a corduroy road with the tires chirping and pounding up and down.
It’s a mess waiting for the first January thaw to begin eliminating the ice.
Around the office on Monday morning, everyone was talking about having an old-fashioned winter—one where the snowbanks now are up over the shoulders of children.
A winter where walking across the ridges of the snowbanks that line the streets is more fun than walking down in the valley between the snowbanks on the sidewalks.
And while we might complain about our weather this past week, the rain did cover the branches of trees with a crystal ice sheen that sparkles in the sunlight. And the snow has softened the landscapes around homes and fields.
The beauty is breathtaking.

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