Weather extremes cause complaints

I know you all think that all we farmers do is complain about the weather–and I’m not going to let you down!
Oh, this weather. Warm, almost too warm, then definitely too much snow and now the cold! We certainly have had all the extremes.
First of all, snow–there is plenty of it and what a pile of work it makes! My friend told me the other night that he thinks he spends more money on fuel to clean and move snow than he does to feed his cows!
It took us two days to get things cleaned up around here.
I debated about whether I should continue to feed the cows in the bush, but my boyfriend/partner plowed me a road to haul hay and another road for the cows to come home a bit easier, so I will keep feeding them away for another few weeks.
My dad, meanwhile, spent the day trying to clean up the barnyard so when I do bring them in, they won’t be lost in the snow. I don’t enjoy moving snow as it seems to be a huge waste of time.
I drove home late in both storms last week. To be honest, the first night (Dec. 30) was the worst–I couldn’t see the sides of the roads and it was like taking a boat across a bunch of waves with all the drifting.
It took me 40 minutes to get home from Devlin (this if very abnormal for me).
Then when feeding my calves, I once again darn near got stuck–I couldn’t see the path and got into some mud (there is no frost and I doubt there will be now with all this snow).
I am sympathetic of the bush workers–it is going to be a tough winter.
Now for the cold. Of course, one of the water bowls is having thermostat troubles. It had to happen over the holidays and, of course, during the cold weather.
Hopefully, the part will be in quick as it’s not fun thawing it every morning (even with my handy-dandy heat gun).
“Clover” and “Daisee” (the sheep) really didn’t enjoy the snow and cold wind. They refused to leave their shed, so we had to plow out some of their area for them.
I didn’t think sheep would mind winter weather at all, but I guess they are spoiled.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee arrived back from their Florida trip nicely tanned and with lots of stories. They had a really good time, but seemed to be happy to be back home and were anxious to get back farming and trapping.
We took them to check traps, which was very hard after all that snow. My machine is made for trail riding and even though we had a good trail, it was long gone.
Maddie and I were stuck a couple of times, but Clayton and Marlee were able to get us out. It wasn’t nearly as much fun!
The boys had some good luck on the trap-line, but it is tough going this year. Not much ice in the swamps and too much snow, which means lots of brush on the trails.
The lack of ice doesn’t sit well with me, so I don’t know how much help I’ll be on the trap-line this year.
• • •
Now the holidays are behind us, it’s time to get back organized again!
I hope everyone was able to enjoy some good visits, food, and drinks with friends and family–I sure did.

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