We depend on people for news

When I first came on staff at the Fort Frances Times after I had graduated from university, I became the first part-time reporter.
Up until then, Carl Schubring, the editor, was the sole writer for the Times and Bulletin.
The newspaper depended on people across the district for news. We depended on agencies and clubs for news of their activities.
Across the district, the newspaper had contributors from every community telling the stories of families.
Those writers told us about children coming to visit their parents with fiancées, grandchildren making their first visit to their grandparents, and social evenings of playing cards between friends.
They allowed people from across the district to keep in touch with each other.
Mike Kosowick used to write a weekly column about the happenings of the local Rotary Club. Much earlier, following his return from the war, he was known as Johnny Canuck and operated a store in La Vallee.
Every club—the Jaycees, Lions, Kiwanis—had their own reporter sending in stories to the paper. All of the 4-H clubs had reporters writing about their meetings.
Every organization used the newspaper as the social medium to keep their members up to date and to tell the community what they were doing.
Lillian Kellar wrote about the Devlin community, Milt Guba covered all the happenings in and around Emo, and Mary Bottenfield had her column based in North Branch.
Every week reports came in from Dance, Burriss, Stratton, and Nestor Falls.
During the winter months, Gaston Camirand kept bowlers up to date on the action at Plaza Lanes. Over at the curling club, not a week went by without an update from Johnny Moran.
Minor hockey brought in regular standings, and each high school travelling team had their own student reporter covering the games for the paper.
Times changed, and the newspaper has taken on a bigger role in covering the events of the district. A larger staff was created, including a person dedicated to sports.
Currently, with the loss of our sports reporter, we are at a staff of three persons. But even when we have a full staff, often we cannot be everywhere covering events.
Dave Ogilvie contributes weekly from Emo while Rick Neilson often writes about the agriculture news in the district. Kim-Jo Bliss produces a wonderful column to the paper.
Jack Elliott, who has headed south for the winter, contributes from the west end of the district.
We share news with our sister paper in Rainy River, and rely on freelancers to help us out across the district covering community events as they arise.
The district is a very busy place and often the number of events and activities taking place on any given day far outnumbers the reporters who are available.
We still need organizations to submit press releases, photos, and write-ups about their activities.

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