We can combat climate change

A few weeks ago, Tim Flannery’s book, “The Weather Makers,” landed on my desk.
That same week, someone from a local environmental group noticed it in my office and commented, “A book that gets the facts straight on climate change has finally arrived.”
With that endorsement, I opened the cover and soon was gripped by its sobering message. This book makes the case, and even the counter cases, in a way that is both readable and understandable.
There no longer is any doubt about the seriousness of global warming. The text lays out the options, which indeed are scary.
But more importantly, it presents an international work plan for governments, communities, families, and individuals to combat climate change.
This is an issue that requires not only large scale changes by international leaders, but also manageable modifications to daily life by you and me.
So what can YOU do? First, get informed about the issue. There are many books (“The Weather Makers”), movies (“An Inconvenient Truth” and “The End of Suburbia”), and websites (www.davidsuzuki.org) that provide excellent information.
Second, make small changes to reduce your personal energy use. Change your light bulbs to energy-efficient globes.
If you’re in the market for a new home appliance (refrigerator, washer, or dryer), ensure it is Energy Star approved. Install a ‘AAA’-rated shower head.
Check the fuel efficiency of your next car and ensure your current vehicle is running at peak efficiency. Install a solar hot water heater. Use ethanol-blended gasoline.
There are so many more ways to contribute to the solution of global warming.
Third, make your voice heard. The current government has cancelled numerous programs that were focused on educating and helping Canadians to become more energy efficient.
I urge you to visit one of my offices to sign a petition that calls on the prime minister to make energy conservation and the environment a priority.
I want to thank the many people who have written to me about their environmental concerns. We have a challenging job ahead as we work to convince the government that there is a problem.
I hope you will take the time to implement some of the suggestions I have made. The climate is right to make a change to stop global warming.

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