Watering ban may be revised

Since the town’s announcement of the water restrictions related to the water tower project, residents have expressed a concern particularly related to the watering of plants and flowers.
Your council and administration have listened—and are working on a alternative solution to allow for certain periods of specific water use.
With the water tower out of service, town staff will begin monitoring the pattern of water consumption over the period of about one week.
This monitoring period is necessary to determine if there is a possibility of revising the water restriction during a certain period of the day to allow customers to water vegetable gardens, flowers, and shrubs.
Water use for lawn watering, filling swimming pools, and washing vehicles, however, will in all likelihood not be permitted unless consumption patterns allow for it.
In order to complete the necessary repairs to the water tower, it must be taken out of service starting tomorrow (May 29) for roughly 10 weeks. With the water tower out of service, the capacity to store water is reduced by 53 percent.
The health and safety of the community is a paramount concern for me, council, and administration. The town must ensure that water is always available for firefighting purposes.
As well, the work being performed at the water tower is a very weather-sensitive process. The steel preparation and the curing of the paint must occur within ideal circumstances.
When identifying this project as an immediate priority, it was determined the current schedule was the optimum time for the project to occur from a technical perspective.
Deterioration within the tank and flaking of paint dictated an aggressive plan of rehabilitation to prevent the unexpected future interruption of water service.
Council and administration immediately designated this project as a 2008 budgetary priority. We were successful in securing funding from the provincial government for a substantial portion of the project.
Since the Walkerton tragedy, there has been a refocusing at the provincial and municipal level on all water and sewer operations. I, along with council and administration, are committed to the ongoing provision of a safe and consistent potable water supply.
The town must strive to maintain the sewer and water infrastructure to a high standard. We also must commit to upgrading these systems throughout the community with a prudent asset management strategy.
At this time, I would like to thank the citizens who have brought forward their concerns and suggestions.
Council and administration are working in the best interests of the citizens, and we also will try to help ensure we can help uphold our reputation as a beautiful community this summer.

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