Watch for us cyclists please!

The typical weekday morning for me goes as follows: Get up, shower, eat cold cereal, and get my lunch ready before I head to work.
Pretty normal and conventional, sure, but where things may differ from the rest of you is what I do next. I peer out the bay window looking, perhaps studying is a more appropriate choice of words, what Mother Nature has in store for my bike ride to the Times’ office.
Contending with the weather can be unpredictable. But just like where I’m from (Calgary), the weather actually is the least of my worries.
Strong winds can make for some fierce resistance training while pelting rain and arriving to work soaked with the backsplash of vehicles isn’t lovely by any means, but the worst experience is none of that.
I hate to say it but the worst is trying to predict whether or not a pulp truck with a full load is aware that I am, in fact, as close to the curb on King’s Highway as possible.
The driver seems to always nonchalantly challenge me to test who’s going to win this battle.
I can see the headline now: “Avid cyclist vs. logging truck.” Place your bets, people! Now this has happened two or three times in the two months since I’ve arrived in Fort Frances.
Coming from a big city, I am used to bad drivers and terrible road etiquette, however, nothing has prepared me for sharing a narrow lane with a full-blown logging truck!
I plead “No contest!”
For the most part, I’ve been very lucky so far. I love biking to work on those cool, brisk mornings where dawn welcomes you with the songs of birds and humid, misty morning dew.
I love the mornings where the sun is still on the horizon and the trees appear to be silhouettes dancing in the light breeze.
But there’s nothing like the rush of live or die to wake you up during “rush hour.”
Being in traffic and driving all the time isn’t fun for any of us so please, all I’m asking is for two feet of space between my handlebars and your vehicle!
Is that too much to ask?
Thank you in advance, and yes, I am the girl in the turquoise jacket with my head down, helmet on, and soccer cleats riding to work every morning at 7:30 a.m.

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