Wal-Mart offers up donations


From money raised within the local store, Wal-mart store manager Darryl Skinner handed out two cheques there yesterday.
Capt. Angel Sandoval was presented with $1,000 for the Salvation Army Food Bank, while Vanessa Hebert of the Volunteer Bureau accepted $1,000 towards Sunday’s Terry Fox Run.
“With the kids back to school there really is a need,” stressed Sandoval of the local food bank. “It’s wonderful to have support from the community to help those in need. We will now have the freedom to purchase what is needed.”
He noted he hopes the business community sees this donation as an example to support the need of the district.
“Our motto is to help those in need and to continue fighting poverty,” he added.
Meanwhile, Hebert was also thrilled with the donation to the Terry Fox Run.
“Every little bit helps and it’s going towards a great cause,” she expressed, citing without much time to organize the event this year, there was a low turnout of participants and the money raised was lower than in past years.
Bonnie Allan of the local Wal-mart noted the funds for these donations were raised by the store through barbeques, popcorn sales, and family fun days. And among the associates there, bake sales and silent auctions were held to raise money.
Then the corporate office has a matching grant program where they match the funds raised—up to $4,000 a year. So far this year, the Fort Frances Wal-mart has raised $1,200 and has been able to donate $2,400 to local charities.
“We really want to thank to community because they are always giving and able to make this possible,” noted Skinner.