Trillium funding takes hit

Press Release

The Ontario government has withdrawn a promised $15 million to the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF)–money the foundation would have granted out to community projects this winter.
Funding that would have strengthened communities now won’t be distributed, such as funding to fix the ice rink roof, support a local festival, buy community play equipment, provide meals to vulnerable people, and create jobs.
OTF grants are given to non-profits, First Nations, and small municipalities to implement important community projects and initiatives.
The Ontario Nonprofit Network is concerned this large cut will cancel and delay important planned projects, and is asking the government to reverse its decision.
“OTF grants help us all be open to the business of strengthening the people and communities of Ontario,” said Cathy Taylor, executive director at the Ontario Nonprofit Network.
“This funding cut puts communities at risk,” she stressed. “The government should keep its promise and restore funding.”
“One of the realities non-profit organizations serving small rural communities face is that there are relatively few other funding organizations to turn to when it comes to pooling resources for projects,” echoed Norman Ragetlie, executive director of the Rural Ontario Institute.
“Fewer resources for the OTF will likely be felt by these stakeholders,” he warned.