Town abuzz with bass activity

Fort Frances is buzzing with bass activity this week. The anglers have now arrived and by the time most readers see this column, their strategies for tournament fishing days will be firmly established.
A bass fisherman, who arrived in Fort Frances more than a week ago, stopped at a local restaurant on his way to the lake and asked to fill up a five-gallon water jug.
When the girl at the restaurant learned he was a fisherman in the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, she filled the jug quickly. The fisherman couldn’t believe how helpful the restaurant was and has recommended the service to many since.
It is that kind of helpfulness that occurs throughout the community.
Last year, as the parade of boats was going through the big tent at the Sorting Gap Marina, a very young girl opened her bag of candy and asked two fishermen if they had any left.
When they told her they were all out, she walked over to the boat, gathered up the top of her bag, and offered it to the fishermen so they would have something to throw out when they went through the tent.
The two anglers were truly moved.
Billy Lindner caught a unique moment on film Sunday during the annual Kid-Pro tournament when he took a photo of Thomas Ambridge holding a 3.65-pound bass.
Other FFCBC anglers also created memories for youth of the district as all 39 teams caught fish that day.
The other remarkable focus of the FFCBC is that so many people come home to the district for the event. And many of the wives who follow with their husbands here volunteer to work at the site is any number of capacities.
The community expands its arms and welcomes every one into its family. And those out-of-town volunteers help the growing numbers of area volunteers who make the FFCBC such a success.
Similar stories of volunteer efforts abound across the district, and we’ll see the work of volunteers at the Rainy River centennial celebrations next weekend and during the Emo fall fair next month.

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