Touch of snow on weekend didn’t excite me

A touch of snow over the weekend has brightened up our dark mornings and evenings!
I heard lots of people explaining how happy they were to see the snow.
Well, I must be getting old because I don’t find it all that exciting anymore. More clothes and boots to put on, more mess to track in, and I have to try to slow down when driving.
The gravel roads were a bit slippery Monday morning as I drove to the agricultural research station in Emo. It seems you need (or I need) to do a bit of slipping around before you realize you need to drive a little more cautiously.
• • •
I stayed home Friday and tackled the winter fence for the sheep. It should have been a rather quick job but with Maddie and Marlee helping, it took a bit longer.
Marlee is a bit clumsy and it seems you always are picking her up or lifting her over. She fell out of the back of the truck and also fell flat on her face in the tractor.
The good thing is she is tough. And she might get mad but she doesn’t do a lot of crying.
?I tired them out, though. When we went to feed the cows, they were falling asleep in the tractor so I dropped them off with Grandma.
Saturday was a slow start as we had no hydro. I wanted to at least wash my face and vacuum before I headed out for the day, but that didn’t happen.
I ended up fixing an electric fence that the deer had been tangled up in (again).
Maddie, Marlee, and I checked the rest of our electric fence and also the cows on the four-wheeler. We have to go first and find “Drama,” and then drive around and see how many names of cows we can remember.
Maddie is doing very well with that while Marlee always can remember “Grandpa’s cow” (she is the only black one).
We then packed up and went down to Split Rock. My boyfriend/partner was down at his mom’s (Grandma Grace’s) hunting while his niece, her husband, and two girls were down from Dryden looking for a big buck!
Maddie and Sydney played very nice together but Marlee just didn’t want to play with Chelsea.
It turns out I don’t think Marlee was feeling too great as she pooped her pants really bad! Something I can’t handle, plus I didn’t even have a diaper with me.
Who would have thought of that?
I told my boyfriend/partner that I wouldn’t be able to change her. Marlee, of course, couldn’t even walk at this point.
I wanted to just toss her in the truck and rush back to Grandma’s for her to deal with it, but luckily Paula was able to tackle this disaster. Luckily she also had diapers.
After the bum change, I didn’t hang around too long in case it happened again so we scooted back to Grandma’s!
• • •
On Sunday, Shirley and Tom delivered Mr. Buttons to visit Daisee and Clover. He is a beautiful black ram.
So with any luck at all, we should have some lambs sometime next April.
• • •
I tackled some cupboard cleaning and ended up tossing out all of my “Food & Drink” magazines (the ones from the LCBO). They are beautiful books with some good recipes in them.
The thing is, since I started my collection I don’t think I’ve ever pulled one out and made anything (I normally just give my mom the recipe and let her try it since I’m not much of a cook).
I figured it would be one less thing for my friends to clean out once I kick the bucket (I have a bit of hoarding problem, I think).
• • •
Best wishes to Herb, who is now home from back surgery. He said he is feeling quite good and certainly has some relief from the pain he was in prior to the surgery.
His only complaint was that one of his nurses told him that “yes, he had to take it easy, but he was capable of doing dishes!”
Hopefully Donna didn’t hear that! Take care, Herb!

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