Tons to talk about

Some weeks, I scratch my head as to how to fill this space. And some weeks, I’ve got so much to share, I almost don’t know where to start.
Consider this week the latter. So without further ado, and to quote that sultry songstress “Pink,” let’s get this party started.
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Kudos to all four Muskies court teams that descended on Dryden last Friday—complete with one media tag-along—to challenge the hometown Eagles and the Kenora Broncos for NorWOSSA supremacy.
The efforts of the junior and senior boys’ volleyball squads are to be commended, despite them being on the losing end of the scoreboard. Both teams could have came out champions, and the promise of more success next season looms large.
As for the hoops squads, I have a little advice for anyone who doubts the toughness and desire of female athletes: don’t yap about what you don’t understand.
Muskie junior girls guard Ashlyn Jewell looked to be finished for the season after first rolling her ankle, then having it stepped on in the black-and-gold’s semi-final win over the Broncos.
Fellow backcourt mate Rebecca Cornell, already favouring a sore left wrist and a dislocated shoulder on the same arm, took another whack on her tender wing in the semi-final, leaving her with numbness in her forearm.
Weaker souls would have bowed out. But to Jewell and Cornell, bowing is for stage actors, not basketball players. Their determination was pure reality.
Both were warriors in the final against Dryden, with Jewell leading her team in scoring and Cornell refusing to let the pain stop her from playing nearly three-quarters of the contest.
The loss to the Eagles, in the final junior game for both players, was more painful than their injuries. But they and their teammates need not hang their heads. Muskie pride was served well on this day.
Then there’s Danielle McGee, who was surrounded by some top-quality talent as the senior girls pulverized the defending champion host squad, who had ripped the NorWOSSA title from the Muskies’ grasp a year ago.
The whole team left everything they had on the floor, but McGee took hustle and heart to heights rarely seen at the high school level.
Scoring key baskets, outfighting her opponents for every loose ball she could get her hands on, settling the offence down when it was needed, and driving Eagle shooters to distraction with her smothering defence. You name it, McGee delivered it in spades.
When the NWOSSAA final comes to town Nov. 22-23, show your support by coming out to cheer on the Muskies. McGee and Co. have more than earned it.
• • •
Here’s hoping you took time away from the hectic pace of daily life Monday to pay your respects for even two minutes to those who fought, and in some cases paid the ultimate price, to defend Canada’s freedom in days gone by.
If you don’t think Remembrance Day and what it symbolizes is important (and being that my father is a Second World War veteran, I most certainly do), just think about how different life would be today if the Allies hadn’t battled to protect the rights and privileges we so easily take for granted today.
No matter how much time passes and how many veterans pass on from this world, the significance of their brave deeds deserves a lasting place in our memory banks.
From me to all of them, I say thank you. I shall never forget. Neither should anyone else.

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