Tokyo to hold gymnastics meet featuring foreign teams

The Associated Press

Tokyo is planning to hold an international gymnastics meet next month that will exempt non-Japanese athletes from a 14-day quarantine period, an approach that might foreshadow planning for next year’s postponed Olympics.
The Japanese Gymnastics Association announced the meet will feature athletes from the United States, Russia, China and Japan.
The one-day event is set for Nov. 8 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The Japanese news agency Kyodo reported that 2,000 fans will be allowed to attend, and it said athletes’ travel will be restricted while in the country.
Kyodo said the non-Japanese athletes will take a polymerase chain reaction test before they leave home, and will also be tested daily in Japan. The event will involve 32 gymnasts – eight from each country.
Tokyo organizers are studying contingencies from next year’s Olympics, which are scheduled to open on July 23, 2021. The most difficult problems is how to let 15,400 Olympic and Paralympic athletes compete in Tokyo and keep from spreading the coronavirus.
In addition to athletes, organizers will have to accommodate thousands of team officials, technical officials who run the competitions, media, broadcasters, and sponsors. Also up in the air is the question of having fans attend events, or of allowing non-Japanese fans to even enter the country.