’Tis the season of gotta go parties

As the winter season winds down here at The Beach, we have been enjoying a round of “gotta go parties.”
This has nothing to do with bodily functions, but rather with cleaning out various refrigerators and cupboards.
Rather than take all those bits and pieces home or throw them out, you gather them up and take them over to various friends that are not yet scheduled to head north and have a “Gotta Go” feast.
Last week, for example, we had a fish fry as the last packages of walleye are combined with other contributions to help reduce the larder to zero.
Other than walleye, the menu contained carrots, peas, corn, some wild rice as well as the white stuff, three kinds of bread, turkey stuffing, one yam, potato salad, fried onions, and mushroom.
Oh yeah, and a pork chop thrown in for good measure.
On the libation front, there was a six-pack of beer—one Bud Lite, two naturals, two Blue Ribbons, and a Miller High Life. Meanwhile, we poured the dregs of five bottle of wine into one jug.
We called it Chi-don-riesl-noir, with a hint of Baby Duck (served ice cold).
Then after dinner, we spiked the coffee with Scotch Mist Bourbon CC. Can you spell massive hangover?
Dessert consisted of Cool Whip with three kinds of ice cream, sherbert, and yogurt, assorted cookies, muffins, and one piece of double chocolate fudge cake with a side of Tums washed down with Milk of Magnesia.
One of these parties every night for the next 10 days and we should have things about cleaned up. And as well as finishing the shopping, nothing will remain but to pack the van and head north.
Oh yeah, we’ll also spend a day sorting out receipts and adding up the totals so we all are prepared for the border crossing.
Since we are about the last one of our group to head north, the other foo…, I mean friends, apparently still want to experience snow. Ugh!
We then inherit whatever they have not managed to consume.
So tell me. I’ve got five partial bottles of ketchup (various sizes) and an equal number of mustard dispensers (dried out), a selection of more salad dressings than I can face (the low-fat kind), six half-bottles of flat soda pop (diet and otherwise), plus an assortment of crackers, chips, jalapeno jellies, and snacks.
I’ve got it! I’ll stow it all in a tote and we’ll bring it along for a “Gotta Go” homecoming party.
Perhaps you’d better meet us at Customs on the 31st in case they won’t let us bring open containers across the border.

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