Tips sought on fire starters

From the MNRF

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is seeking the public’s help in identifying the individuals responsible for starting a forest fire on an island in Lake of the Woods.
The fire was 0.1 hectares in size when discovered on the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 4 on a small island northeast of Mather Island.
This location can be accessed only by boat from Lake of the Woods.
The fire started in the vicinity of an area that individuals had used to build a camp fire.
Local fishermen discovered and reported the fire to MNRF’s fire management headquarters in Kenora.
MNRF FireRangers attended the island and suppressed the flames.
The ministry reminds the public that all forest fires are investigated to determine their cause.
A person can be held responsible for the costs of extinguishing a forest fire, as well as for any property damage incurred.
Anyone who starts a fire must keep it under control at all times and extinguish it properly before leaving the area.