Time to say so long

Well, as I often like to say, it’s game over everybody.
As many of you who read my column every week may know, I have a passion for two sports—tennis and golf (I somehow manage to drop golf bombs at some point in most of my columns).
I wasn’t always like that (totally obsessed with golf, that is) until I had my internship with the Canadian Junior Golf Association last summer.
Through that time, not only did I learn that I love everything to do with the sport, but I learned that I love media and communications more than I enjoy doing what I went to school for, which is journalism.
I learned that although you may think you have a talent or passion for one thing, that can all change without you even knowing it.
In fact, my days at the CJGA would begin with me waking up before my alarm.
You’re probably wondering why on Earth I feel the need to tell you that. Well, it made me realize one of the most important life lessons. I would wake up before my alarm every morning because I loved what I was doing; because I had a talent and a passion for it.
It taught me that very few things feel better than waking up in the morning feeling proud and content with what you have decided to do with your life.
I loved that job more than anything else I have ever done. It fit me and my personality.
I received a call about two weeks ago from my old boss at the CJGA, who made me an offer I absolutely couldn’t refuse. After all, working in media relations and communications is a position that doesn’t come available very often.
Well, when it rains, it pours, I guess, because a position became available.
So, long story short, I decided to take the job and am moving back to Toronto. And truthfully, all I can say is—it’s bittersweet.
Sure, it’s amazing that I have my dream job barely a year after graduating from college. However, it was really starting to feel like home here and that’s one thing Toronto never was to me.
I have made some of the best friends of my life here. I have met people I know I will make an effort to keep in contact with. Heck, I’m already trying to work it so I can come back for the bass tournament in July (heard it’s quite the show).
So, here it comes, the way I see it is, the lessons (although they were not all easy), experiences, and memories I learned here are those I could never get anywhere else.
Working at a newspaper and writing a section that has so many faithful readers was an honour and a challenge. I can’t even explain how fulfilling it is when someone says: “Oh, you’re the sports reporter, I read your column every week.”
Someone once told me I don’t have a talent for sports writing. Well, I look at where I was when I first started here five months ago and then I look at where I am today.
With a lot of hard work and dedication, I think the Sports section of the Fort Frances Times came a long way. It feels pretty good to know that I put everything I had into this job and came away from it with thicker skin, a lot more sports knowledge, and a journal I can’t wait to read 10 years from now.
For fun, I would like to share my top 10 memories (which also coincide as lessons) of my time here in Fort Frances:
#10. Wing night at the “Vous” once in a while (and by that, I mean every Thursday).
#9. Not coming in last place in the “Curl for Cancer” bonspiel.
#8. Wow, I actually can cook something other than Kraft Dinner.
#7. Sitting on the Sieders’ porch for two hours in five layers of clothes on the first sunny day of the season (beer may or may not have been involved).
#6. If you put on “Can’t touch this” by MC Hammer, Jean-Marc, I will destroy you with my version of the “running man.”
#5. All I have to say is Warp 9.
#4. Jumping into a large hole cut in the ice for the “Polar Plunge” on New Year’s Day—good times!
#3. My very first “business” trip to Edmonton.
#2. Having visitors from home really make you cherish relationships with friends and family.
#1. For those of you who have picked up a loose cart at Safeway, it was likely mine. Obviously I didn’t realize you get your quarter back (they don’t call me blondie for nothing!)

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