Time change rough on evening chores

Yeah, I finally finished plowing this week.
I really didn’t know if I would since I had some troubles on a few days, but I just left it and tried finished up in the mornings when it was cooler—and I was successful!
I was getting concerned that I might not finish, but I’ve only not finished once. And much to my surprise, it worked up nicely in the spring with a quick pass with my little disc.
This year it might not have been that nice since I worked up some old forage stands. I had one alfalfa trial that had been in production since 1997!
I delivered the threshing machine back this week apparently for the last time! I’ve been told that I will have a plot combine for next year (time will tell).
I just have a few small shop jobs and then I’ll be concentrating completely on my data, and trying to figure out what happened this year and why.
• • •
The time change has been rough on doing chores after work. Most nights, by the time I get home to feed calves, bulls, and rabbits, and walk to check on my cows, it is long past dark.
I’m not sure if I like the daylight in the morning or evening?
I called all my cows up on the weekend and -de-wormed- them. It’s another job that is nice to have off the list—and you need to do it when the weather is decent, so it worked out great.
The cows seem to be in good shape and ready for winter.
I tried doing a “photo shoot” of my barn with the cattle around since they are featuring my barn in the February/March issue of “Country” magazine.
I still would like to haul some manure, maybe some gravel, and do some fencing so I’m hoping for some nice clear days yet.
My boys have been telling me the deer have a bunch of staples pulled out of many of my line fences again (I normally wait until spring to fix those).
• • •
The annual meeting of the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture on Saturday drew a smaller crowd, but the ones on hand were privileged to some of the data pulled out of the ag impact study, which is to be released in the next couple of weeks.
Of course, much of the info is of no surprise to most of us farmers (we know we are spending all of our money!)
• • •
I finally did it! I bought a truck. No longer will I be mooching off my parents (well, at least for the time being; and we won’t count all the money I still owe them!)
It isn’t a new truck, but it is new to me.
• • •
My almost stepson turned 16 on Sunday (Nov. 8), but he didn’t seem nearly as excited as I was when I turned 16.
Maybe it is because the driving test office is closed due to a strike and he is unable to write his permit.
My parents were very glad when my 16th birthday arrived because I then could drive my brother to hockey (I should say drive legally because being in the country I drove long before I should have).
Damien ended his 16th birthday by getting a pretty nice eight-point buck, so I think he will remember it for a long time—with or without the driving permit.

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