Tile drainage woes at research station

Despite it staying quite wet at agricultural research station here in Emo over the past week, we did manage to get a few more seeds in the ground.
It never completely dried up and then the rain came again.
It doesn’t help that we are having some tile drainage problems, but I am hoping I can get that resolved this summer, as well.
I need a backhoe, but I think this job needs to wait until it is dry.
Meanwhile, we still are waiting for seed for some of our remaining trials. It frustrates me when I don’t have everything ready to go by May 1, but it seems there are delays across the province.
I feel like I’m on the other side of the province while I wait for things to arrive!
Justin Bujold left (he got a job at Abitibi) so David Donaldson has joined the EARS team for the summer.
I’m glad I was able to hire David; he has spent a fair amount of time with Grandpa Tom so this will be a huge asset this summer.
• • •
Last week seemed to be overwhelming me (so much to do, so far behind, and a crazy schedule ahead).
My girlfriend told me that I need to start saying “no” and doing less. So for the first time in a while, I missed a few functions and instead stayed home and worked.
It is hard to stay ahead of the lawn at this time of the year, and never mind the big black, wet dog that comes in from the messy barnyard.
I still have to get my calves vaccinated and get them all off to pasture. It is just figuring out when (the job is a lot easier when it is drier).
Three days at home over the past weekend helped, but I still ran out of hours.
This coming weekend is the Emo Walleye Classic, which means 4-H will be busy with the annual prime rib supper.
I guess I can start saying “no” to some jobs–but I feel guilty about the others that are working and I’m sure they have things to do, as well.
• • •
On Friday (May 21), my mom officially retired from the Emo hospital. We are all very excited for her.
My mom worked at La Verendrye Hospital in Fort Frances until she had me, then stayed home until I started Grade 9.
My brother, Shane, and I were devastated when she went back to work; no mom when we got off the bus at night, what would we do?!
We survived.
Likely like a lot of moms, most of her hard-working dollars went to us kids–even now that we are suppose to be grown-ups!
We thank her for all her hard work and wish her lots of nice, relaxing days (I’m hoping she might want to be an unpaid farmer’s helper!)
• • •
The Stratton fishing tournament went off very well once again. Fish numbers were down, but I think everyone got to sample a piece of fish.
It is a nice community event, and everyone seems to enjoy getting out and visiting and enjoying the decent day.
It is almost like a family reunion as people travel from far to enjoy a weekend back in Stratton.
Maddie and Marlee enjoyed playing with Clayton’s great-niece (Sydney) from Dryden.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I enjoyed Maddie and Marlee over the holiday weekend. We took them fencing, and we both commented on how we never had any complaints from them at all.
No one was bored or wanted to go home.
Maddie loves to pick flowers and practice up on her plant identification while Marlee likes to eat. So as long as we had a few snacks, she was happy.
We taught them how to get a drink from the flowing well, so that was a big hit!
They went back to town tired but full of new skills!

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