Thief locks himself in trunk

The Associated Press

MISSOULA, Mon.—A man who broke into a car in Missoula had to call police for help after finding himself locked in the trunk.
KGVO-AM reports that Missoula Police Patrol Sgt. Colin Rose says 31-year-old Ryan Payne broke into a car Tuesday night and then called 911 after managing to lock himself in the trunk of the car.
It was not known how long he had been trapped in the vehicle.
Rose says police had to get help from a nearby business owner who had the key to let the man out.
Payne admitted to breaking into the car.
He is facing multiple misdemeanour charges, including criminal mischief for damage he did to the car while trying to get out.
In other odd news, one lucky groundhog might live to see another Groundhog Day thanks to authorities in eastern Pennsylvania.
The creature roaming Lehigh University wasn’t able to see its own shadow—or much of anything—because its head was stuck in a tin can.
Campus police were alerted by concerned onlookers. Officer Kevin O’Hay and Sgt. Eric Smith offered to help.
A body camera recorded the encounter Monday.
One officer tries unsuccessfully to take the can off the groundhog’s head.
Eventually, the other officer uses a long-armed grabber to hold the can while his partner gently pulls out the animal.
The groundhog scampers off across the grass.
Chief Ed Shupp said Wednesday “the only disappointment was the furry little devil took off without saying thank you.”