There’s never enough time

Located on the top right-hand corner of my computer is a clock. Always running in the background is a calendar that notifies me about dental appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more.
I used to carry around a Palm Pilot that synchronized itself with my computer so it could ring and tell me I had another appointment.
I depend on that calendar with time systems for everything. It has become my memory. I could never remember all the details on it. If my computer fails, I will have lost my total schedule.
Just in case the clock on the computer fails, I wear a wrist watch. The watch actually has two clocks running—one digital and the other analogue. Of course, without the calendar, I likely will miss some appointments.
I often feel I am addicted to time. An addiction that seems to grow with each passing day.
Just last Saturday, as I was putting up the outdoor lights, I realized late in the afternoon that I needed another extension cord, as well as another 200 lights.
I looked at my watch, wondering if I should make a bolt to Canada’s favourite guys’ store for supplies or if I could get up another two strings of lights and then run.
I looked to squeeze the time by trying to hasten putting up the lights.
Both miniature white light strings were live when they left the storage box, and both seemed to fail as I banged bulbs against the branches while raising them high into the tree.
The shopping order went to 300 lights. In my haste, did it save me anything?
And then I raced to the store. I looked at my watch and the time said 4:40. I felt a little desperate, thinking the store closed at 5 p.m., and people in the parking lot must have chuckled as I dashed from the car and into the store.
At the door, I read the sign and it granted me a whole hour of shopping. I could have taken a little more care in putting up those miniature lights. It probably would have saved some money—and some cursing.
I don’t think I’m alone in trying to use every last minute before running an errand. I could see myself not getting to the store by taking more time and then having to wait a full day to finish the task.
And even if I left with lots of time to spare, I still might have had to make that second trip because one of those strings of lights may have failed.
I don’t know. I just know that I seem to watch the clock a whole lot more. And I also know I seldom seem to have all the time to do the things I want to do.
The even crazier thing is that the more things I try, the more opportunities there are to try. The only holdback seems to be that I run out of days in weeks or weeks in the year.
There just isn’t enough time.

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