Thanksgiving weather was perfect

I missed writing my “Moos” column last week.
The Thanksgiving weekend was just so busy that I forgot. And then being busy all day Tuesday, it never crossed my mind until I was ready to hit the hay that night!
I hope everyone enjoyed their “turkey” holiday–the weather was absolutely perfect!
My boyfriend/partner and I headed up to the trapline to do an overnight beaver trap, and it was excellent weather. We set 18 traps on Saturday and successfully caught 11 by Sunday (I was really happy that I chose one spot in particular, that I don’t think my boyfriend/partner thought was too great, but we caught one!)
We then had to head home and start preparing for our turkey day. We tried to get as much prepared the night before as we could since we decided to eat at 1 p.m.
I am not a good cook and don’t enjoy it much, either, but my boyfriend/partner is better and seems to enjoy it. He peeled 10 pounds of potatoes (I felt like we were working for Deb and Marg).
Unfortunately, this threw me off as I wanted to make my girlfriend’s potato recipe but I only have made it with a normal amount of potatoes. When it came time to add the sour cream and cream cheese, I guessed at the amounts and it turned out they tasted pretty “gluey”–but no one complained, at least.
?No matter what, it was nice for everyone to get together and there hasn’t been too many Thanksgivings that you can sit on your deck and enjoy the sunshine.
I also was treated with the return of “Nash,” our orphan steer. Bud, Donna, and Matt delivered him, so that was a nice Thanksgiving present!
• • •
I was able to get all my calves Ivomeced this week. I felt I was able to trust them to let them out of the corral, but they don’t want to leave.
I had to start feeding the grain outside of the corral so they would venture out.
My calves are now ready for winter. And as long as the deer don’t knock down the fence, they are very respectable of the electric fence.
• • •
This getting dark at 7 p.m. is really cutting into getting jobs finished–and now I pretty much have to do my chores with a flashlight in the morning.
That is the only complaint I have about fall (hey, farmers are known to always have something to complain about!)
• • •
I have a list of jobs I need to get done before the snow flies and I worked hard to do as many as I could this past weekend.
On Saturday night, after a long, busy day, I was completely tired and sore. My entire body was aching–so obviously I’m not working hard enough at the research station to use all my muscles.
Sunday was busy, as well, but I was pretty pleased with how much I accomplished. I’m hoping that this coming weekend will see the end of my list!
• • •
Kloee is now staying with us (or at least for nights) as my mom and dad have ventured out to B.C. on the train!
Karma is not impressed, but she tolerates her.
Kloee is chasing the sheep, the deer, and the stray cats—she is still a very busy dog.
She sneaks in and gets in Karma’s bed before her, too!
• • •
It looks like I have found a ram, so we should be able to get Clover and Daisee bred sometime next month!
We are hoping to expand our sheep herd!

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