Take your bows

The Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts will put the wraps on its 78th year this Friday with the final performances in the Piano Division. The annual “Highlights Concert,” featuring the best of the best, then will follow on Tuesday, May 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Townshend Theatre, at which time the various awards–including the prestigious Rose Bowls–are presented.
Held over the past three weeks, this year’s “Festival” once again offered district students (and adults, too) the chance to showcase their vocal, musical, and dramatic talents. With the spotlight often shining on the athletic achievement of local individuals and teams, it’s great to see an opportunity for all ages, but particularly young people, to display their skills when it comes to the performing arts.
“Festival” is their moment to shine; the culmination of years of practice and dedication in the pursuit of excellence in their specific endeavours.
Kudos to members of the organizing committee who spend months working to ensure “Festival” is held year after year, as well as to all those who give their time to hone the talents of their pupils. The amazing performances each year, in the pressure of the moment in front of adjudicators and an audience, is a true testament to their skills as teachers.
Many district residents have gone on to pursue careers in the arts, or most certainly as a hobby, and no doubt they all can point to “Festival” as where they got their start.
Whether it’s staging “Festival” each spring, working to keep the “Tour de Fort” and “Kids and Company” entertainment series going, acting with Fort Frances Little Theatre, or playing in a local band/orchestra, we are fortunate to have such dedicated residents who strive to ensure the performing arts remain a vital part of our community.
Take your bows.