Take better pictures

Ever catch a big fish, had your buddy take some pictures, and then get them developed or loaded on your computer—only to find that the tail is cut off or, worse yet, your head?
Pictures are a way to remember big fish, good times, and memorable moments in the outdoors. Unfortunately, they do not always turn out the way we want them to.
I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with some great photographers over the years doing various fishing photo shoots and learned a few tips along the way:
•Use a flash
One of the easiest tips to remember is to always use your flash, especially during the middle of the day when shadows are the worst. The flash will help reduce shadows and really brighten up your shots.
Most cameras have a manual flash setting that you may need to turn on. Learn how to do this and it will help you out at a lot.
•Fill the frame
I notice many people stand way too far away when they take a picture. Get as close as you can and fill up the frame with the fish and the person.
If you stand too far away, the fish will look small, the flash will not hit everything, and the quality of the image will deteriorate.
•Focus on the fish
Do you find that some of your pictures are coming out blurry? It may be because your camera is not in focus.
Most cameras have a manual focus on them that you can initiate by aiming at your target and pushing the button to take the picture halfway down.
When I’m doing this, I usually focus on the fish and this really will help you give your pictures more definition and clarity.
•Shoot in good light
Early and late in the day, when the sun is low, is by far the best time to snap some shots. The light is a lot softer and this really will make for quality pictures.
Shadows are not as much of a problem and your pictures will have a lot more of a golden look to them. When we are shooting pictures, 90 percent of them are done during this time frame.
Try it—and you will see what I mean.
•Don’t cut anything out
This goes without saying, but I still notice it in a lot of pictures that people show me. It is not intentional, but folks will cut off a fish’s tail or the top of someone’s head.
With digital cameras becoming so popular, it only takes a second to quickly glance over your shots and make sure you captured everything you wanted.
Take your time and make sure you get it all in there.
Pictures last a lifetime and allow you the ability to show off your catch to your buddies without harming the fish.
Take your time and follow these tips to capture some great pictures on your next outing.


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