‘Sway fun’ ceremony coming up

Local sorority Beta Sigma Phi will showcase the results of seven years of fundraising this Sunday when they officially unveil the “Sway Fun,” a wheelchair-accessible swing at the Lions Park here.
“It’s really neat,” sorority member Jana Riches said this morning.
The $15,000 swing, which was installed at the park last summer, can hold up to a dozen people, including two in wheelchairs.
It allows children with disabilities to play with other youngsters their own age, encouraging inclusion.
The swing also could be a benefit to seniors and adults with mobility issues.
Everyone is invited to attend Sunday’s ribbon-cutting, which will be held at 2 p.m. at the Lions Park.
“It’s not only a ribbon-cutting. We’ll also be dedicating the swing in honour of Nicholas Wiedenhoeft and in memory of William Guertin,” Riches noted.
Guertin’s mother, Helena, is a member of the sorority.
“He had complications during his birth and as a result he passed away,” Riches said. “Had he lived, he likely would have been someone who utilized the swing.”
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Following her infant’s death, Helena Guertin asked that donations be made to the swing in memory of her son.
Riches said many donations were made—helping them to reach their goal.
Wiedenhoeft and his family also played a special role in the project.
“We asked [his mother, Nikki] as a parent what we could do that would include him more,” Riches said.
The 12-year-old suffers from cerebral palsy, and is both blind and wheelchair-bound.
Nikki Wiedenhoeft’s suggestion led to the sorority to fundraise for this piece of playground equipment.
Riches noted many donations also were made in honour of him.