Surgical suite dedicated to Herman Metke

Herman Metke’s pharmacy diploma earned a permanent spot in the Fort France Clinic’s renovated surgical suite, which was dedicated to the memory of the clinic’s former pharmacist Monday night.
Metke started working at the clinic pharmacy in 1962 until he retired in 1993. He passed away late in 1995 after being diagnosed with cancer.
“His first passion was farming,” Dr. Jas Spencer reminisced during the dedication ceremony. “He used to drive to Saskatchewan whenever he could to bring in the wheat.
“He used to say, ‘I have to keep the pharmacy going to help out in the farm,’” he laughed.
Dr. Spencer has his office housed in the new surgical suite, along with Dr. Angus MacKintosh.
“When we renovated the office for the surgical suite, we gave up the old suite to the pharmacy,” Dr. Spencer explained. “I always thought it would be appropriate to retire Herman’s diploma in the medical suite to remind us this was a caring pharmacist.”
“I’m sure Herman would be overwhelmed to have his diploma hung in the clinic,” his wife, Evelyn Metke, noted.
She spoke of an earlier time when her husband didn’t have to lock things up at the dispensary, saying, “If Herman was late coming, we’d just go over the counter.”
Metke’s children and grandchildren also attended the dedication, with son, John, bringing his family from Saskatchewan. Granddaughter Cyrena Quinn of Fort Frances took a moment to address those on hand.
“I encourage everyone to help find a cure for cancer,” she said, noting no one should have to lose someone to that disease.
Kim Metke, who took over at the clinic dispensary after his father’s retirement, thanked those who helped with the pharmacy’s expansion, especially administrator Maureen Gartshore.
“There were a lot of hours in the project and it not always went smoothly,” he said. “There was a lot of work.”
But the end result was worth the effort, he added, and very gratifying. “This bespeaks of a long-standing relationship and a mutual friendship,” he stressed.