Sunday was a great day

The thermometer may have read minus-18 C on Sunday, but with the sun shining so brightly, it definitely felt much warmer.
The air had a feeling of spring, and Marnie and I added extra distance to our daily walk as we skirted the large puddles in the street.
The outside said spring and ice break-up was going to happen. The feel of sun on our faces said winter was over.
Even with sub-freezing temperatures, the snowbanks are moving back and the ugly build-up of black dust and sand makes its way to the top. I remember being teased about snow lice—those ugly tiny black specks in the middle spreading across the top of snow piles.
They are returning already.
And as the snow recedes on the north side of the streets, it is leaving behind the sand that has built up over the winter months. I find spring a period of spirit-building and full of hope, but also one of the dirtiest times of the year.
We celebrated a wedding anniversary over the weekend. Our eldest then surprised us late Sunday evening with a call from Kuala Lumpur, where it already was late Monday morning—and already 26 C.
It was his first call home since being in the Far East for two weeks, and he was in the process of moving on to his next destination in Thailand.
Thailand, which is facing an election in the next two weeks, is on a watch list by the Canadian government for some regions.
On late Sunday afternoon, I dug out the barbecue, which has been in hibernation since early December. The day and the sun called for a change, and we celebrated our wedding anniversary with the first barbecue of the season.
That marked another sign of spring.
Spring truly is upon us. On Monday, we celebrated a day with more daylight that night. The seeds are out front in grocery stores and hardware stores across the district.
The gardening tools are now on sale and boat dealers already are promoting boat show pricing.
The countdown is now on to the first day that boats can be pushed off from landings to fish for walleye on the Rainy River. And another will be on to determine the date that boats will be put in the lake to make that first trip to the cottage.
But before then, there are lawns to be raked—and garbage to be picked up.

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