Summer hopefully on its way

Often around the May long weekend, I will take my first dip in the lake.
That normally is the weekend we begin cutting up trees that have fallen or died during the previous year to create firewood to warm the cabin in the fall and the hot tub throughout the year.
The split wood will dry out for the next year.
The exercise, sawdust, and dirt seems to cling to my body and the only solution is a quick dip in the lake. It is refreshing and breath-taking, and exiting from the water leaves your body tingling all over.
Dunking my head under the water now takes my breath away. When I was much younger, we took great delight in diving into the lake with ice still under the dock.
This year, that first dip didn’t happen until May 31. I had been working on projects around the cabin and really needed a bath. We don’t have shower facilities and the only recourse was that dip in the lake.
The gauges on the boat said the water temperature was 50 degrees F. The dip was quick.
Other members of the family resisted the temptation until this past weekend. By Sunday, the temperature of the water in the bay had almost gotten to 60.
It has been that kind of a year so far. When the flowering trees around Fort Frances hold off to the first week of June, you know temperatures have been below normal.
The blueberries were just flowering this past weekend. That will put the picking season off until the end of July.
I am caught in a dilemma with the blueberries. Last year by the end of June, the plants seemed to be laden with berries—only for us to have one of the hottest July’s, which dried the berries and whither on the stems.
I want the heat of the summer to arrive, but I really don’t want to see another blueberry crop fail, either.
The next full moon is a week off and maybe that will cause a change in the weather. It will be followed by the summer equinox that same week.
The signs are there for improved weather—and all those summer activities of water-skiing, swimming, and snorkelling can then begin.

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