Summer brings many community events

It seems the weather is everyone’s favourite topic these days.
Having now passed through the heated election season, voters in Rainy River District were hoping the full moon of July 1 would mark a change of seasons and usher in the summer season.
It hasn’t happened yet, or maybe we were being teased by the three warm days of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Summer also is the season of community social events, fairs, and tournaments. It began with the July 1 celebrations and will continue almost every weekend through to Labour Day.
I noted on Friday that farmers are in the midst of their first cut, and several fields between Fort Frances and Emo had been cut and baled. The large round bales were being loaded on wagons to be taken back to barnyards.
Such is the hope of farming. Regardless of what weather or circumstance is provided, farmers find a way of making things happen.
I am told the cool weather of this past spring has provided ideal growing conditions for hay, though I suppose the cool, moist days last weekend did not help dry that newly-mowed forage.
Elsewhere, I note La Vallee held a highly-successful centennial celebration, attracting back home to the community family and friends from across the nation.
The volunteers and committee are commended for their activities.
This weekend, Bill and Nellie from Lake Despair Lodge will be hosting their annual bass fishing tournament. Anglers who have been wetting their lines in area waters are telling me the bass fishing is proving difficult.
We’ll discover how difficult the fishing is as many local bass fishermen use this tournament as a warm-up to hone their skills for the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship that is now just two weeks away.
Also on the near horizon is the centennial celebration of Rainy River, scheduled for July 29-Aug. 2 and also expected to attract many visitors to the district.
The former Beaver Mills community has been making plans for more than a year for this event. The Rainy River Record staff has been working furiously to put together a commemorative newspaper to mark the community’s 100 years.
It is sure to be a treasure of information.
Then just over the horizon is the annual Emo and District Fall Fair, when our farming community and 4-H club members get to show off the best of their livestock and crops.
It also is a time when the district comes together and finds a way of visiting with each other.
All of these events are dependent upon volunteers. One might wonder where they all come from, but this district seems to find help and support for all of these community events.
All the volunteers who commit time and energy are the core of any community and the volunteers of Rainy River District are its heart and soul. I recommend this summer’s season of social events to everyone.

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