Success relies on teamwork

The recent announcement of an $84.3-million investment in the new bio-mass boiler by Abitibi-Consolidated in Fort Frances will build a new security for the economic future of Rainy River District.
It also is another shining example of how success comes to our northern communities through innovative ideas supported through the collective efforts of our citizens, businesses, and governments.
Union leaders and their membership are to be applauded for providing the necessary assurances to encourage this investment. The Province of Ontario, through Minister Ramsay and the Ministry of Natural Resources’ Forest Prosperity Fund, has generously provided $22.5 million to this project, and your municipal leaders have cleared planning obstacles.
We also should thank Abitibi’s management team for their ability to identify an opportunity to make our mill more viable and then find the technology to accomplish this task.
Working together, we can secure the support necessary to grow and sustain our communities.
In the past, as mayor of the City of Thunder Bay or as president of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA), I have witnessed the unique ability of our communities to work together in co-operation to achieve our ambitions.
As your member of Parliament, my greatest reward comes from being a player on your team.
This good news certainly will benefit the entire region, either directly or indirectly. There is an expression that seems especially fitting in this situation, “When the tide rises, all the ships sail higher.”
As we move forward, finding opportunities to improve our communities in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding, I will be there with you, providing all my help and support.
I will continue to actively support your initiatives, such as the district abattoir, infrastructure enhancements, and lobby efforts to gain power at cost across the Northwestern Ontario energy grid.
Each gain in Northwestern Ontario is hard-fought. I look forward to sharing the workload involved in achieving success.
Once again, well done team!

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