Students across the district are into their second full week of classes.

Across the country, meanwhile, most college and university students are into their first full week of lectures and labs.
As parents, when we sent our children off to junior kindergarten, we could hardly wait for their arrival home on the school bus to find out about their daily class.
It continues to follow a pattern throughout elementary school and then high school. But as children grow up, the amount of information they transfer home diminishes year after year.
By the time they graduate from high school, hardly any information is passed on about what is happening in the school.
When they leave home and go off to pursue their post-secondary education, a parent really feels in the dark. You no longer have that ability to wake them up in the morning, know that they are off to classes, and keeping up with school work.
You don’t hear about the interesting lecture that they attended that day.
You end up hearing what they want you to hear. You end up trusting their judgments. Telephone calls may pick up that they’re ill. The calls may pick up when they meet someone special. But beyond that, you don’t hear a great deal.
Last year, I learned my youngest son had a girlfriend from a customer who dropped in to pick up her paper. This year, he has been away for two weeks and we have yet to have a telephone call from him.
I watch MS Messenger and try to catch up to him. His call name changes most days and that often is a signal of what is on his mind. Most of the time, Messenger tells me he is away from his apartment.
I have friends, who live in larger urban centres with universities, who sometimes envy me. They would like to have their children out of the house.
It is probably for selfish reasons. They would like to not have to pick up and do the laundry. When a child is away, you don’t worry about what time they get in at night.
Children at university are adults and often parents have a hard time not treating them as children. I guess we will always try, but we keep letting go.
Having them away and happy is really all about letting go. And yes, my son eventually will call, or we’ll eventually track him down and talk to him.

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