Student shares her love of Fort Frances

Back in April, I called upon students across the riding to participate in an essay contest to share their thoughts about the great communities that we call “home.”
I’m pleased to provide the winning Fort Frances essay as this week’s column. It was written by Megan Darvell:
It’s July 1 and my friends and I are just getting into the lake on our inner tubes. It’s 10 o’clock and we are just in time for the fireworks. That’s why I love living in Fort Frances.
Fort Frances is a beautiful town that is just the right size. Fort Frances is small enough that you do not have to worry about biking to your friend’s house by yourself yet it is large enough to have music artists like Amanda Stott to perform a concert for us.
Growing up in Fort Frances has allowed me the freedom of adventure without many of the dangerous risks of a big city like Winnipeg. I was allowed to walk to my grandmother’s home by myself by the time I was seven.
Fort Frances is a great town to grow up in because it offers adventure like a city, but also the security of a small town.
Another reason why I love living in Fort Frances is because of my family. Many generations of my family have grown up and lived here their whole lives, celebrating the same traditions and Fort Frances allows that.
I come from a large family who enjoys tradition. To me, Fort Frances is a town that has many traditions—and they respect and uphold these traditions.
For example, the Christmas parade. Most of the town gathers on Scott Street at the same time every year. For me, that is a special time because I am able to spend that time with my family and really appreciate what it means to live in Fort Frances.
Fort Frances is not only a town, but it is also a community. This awesome community pulls together when someone or some group is in need. As a member of the Fort Frances High School senior band, I saw this community first-hand.
When it came time to start fundraising for our trip to Europe, the community gladly supported us by buying the $100 truck tickets, the many tree dollar boxes of chocolate-covered almonds that were going around, and, of course, the reverse phone books.
This allowed all 80 of us to travel to a different country halfway around the world.
This community also stepped up to the plate when it came time to build a skate park for all of the skateboarders in this town. All of the boys and girls who needed a place to hang out and practise their skills.
The community did not turn their backs on these kids, but instead decided to support them and help them come up with the funds to build the amazing park that we now have.
Fort Frances is a great community that offers all of the adventures of a big city but all of the comforts of a small town. I personally love Fort Frances because of all the opportunities that it offers.
You are able to fell comfortable walking somewhere in town and not in fear of getting hurt. You have organizations like “tour de Fort” that brings in artists to perform, and you also have an incredible community that supports one another with their fundraising.
Without the community’s support, I would not have been able to have the trip of a lifetime. That is why I love living in Fort Frances.

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