Still work to finish off at ag station

Another beautiful week has passed in Rainy River District. Unfortunately, I spent most of it at my computer trying to get my data summarized and presentable for the Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association’s annual meeting in Stratton tonight (Dec. 2).
My biggest problem is the fact that I am off to Toronto and only will be home in time to head directly to the meeting.
For sure I will not have one of more interesting trials, the green manure trial, all finished as I am awaiting on soil samples results.
I also have to figure a way to present this data so that it makes sense.
This is likely the hardest part of the research station year. I normally would be closing down the station now, but it looks like I will need to work a little longer this year to get things completed.
• • •
I worked most nights this past week getting my Christmas lights hung at home. I think I have things completed, but I always seem to find another place to fill in or add just a little more.
It was much easier putting the lights up without wading through snow, but I would think it will be there for the take-down mode.
Now I need to tackle the inside job, but I need to first do some cleaning! I refuse to add decorations before I get rid of the dog hair and dust bunnies!
This is likely the first year that I haven’t had my tree picked out since July (Deb Z. and I tend to scout out trees all year long). I have been trying to watch while feeding my cows in the bush, but now it is dark every night when I feed so I haven’t had much luck.
I will get serious soon—and find the perfect one!
• • •
I sold a bull calf over the weekend. I thought Maddie might have a hard time with “Cale” going to a new home, but she seemed to understand and was ready to help load him.
Marlee seemed to be a bit more upset about the ordeal, but I think it was because he was lazy and slow to go into the trailer, and we had to push and pull on him!
It was nice to see Jack Finch come along for the ride to pick up the bull. Jack is a long-time Hereford breeder and it was nice to see him still out enjoying the beef business.
• • •
I went to Fort Frances on Saturday night to the Santa Claus parade. It’s funny, as kids I don’t think we went, but now it is different with two little girls excited for you to come and enjoy it with).
It was a beautiful parade and I really enjoy how they have changed it to a parade of lights.
I, myself, was in the Santa Claus parade once; in 1985 actually. I was the Emo Fair Queen that year and I was asked to go in the parade.
I agreed, but I ended up with pink-eye. So I rode along in the parade with dark sun glasses and I’m sure everyone thought I was just thinking I was being “cool!”
• • •
Maddie caught my boyfriend/partner saying a “bad word” (and actually Grandpa, too). So we were discussing these “bad words,” and telling her that she likely will hear more (and some much worse) but she should not repeat them.
My brother, Shane, asked Maddie, “Does Auntie Kimmie ever say bad words?” “No, Auntie Kimmie never says bad words,” Maddie replied.
I have taught her so well.

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