Start of a special summer

It’s that time of year again. Cabin festivities are heating up as we head into the summer season.
This July long weekend I’m getting out the colourful plastic glass set, filling the old cooler with lots of cold drinks, and serving hot platters of snacks.
I’m also spending time with people who love the lake as much as I do. I particularly enjoy our cabin neighbours.
Together we share some loose traditions. The military veteran in the bay west of us plays his bugle from the front porch; then everyone eventually joins together at whatever place seems to have something going on.
It’s not a planned party, so the dress attire is equivalent to wearing your underwear, and many attendees end up in the lake.
Then we jump in our boats to check out the wider area.
The local marina hops with hopeful fishermen, camps are flying tourists to outposts, steaks are sizzling, bonfires are blazing, and fireworks are about to explode.
We all enjoy these activities. Plus our relationships are uniquely threaded by common experience.
“I saw you had a nice bath today, Bob. How was the water?”
“That was a big fish you caught in the bay. Nothing better than fresh walleye for supper, eh?”
“Can you help me move my outhouse?”
This kind of openness can only be found in cabin country, and you don’t want to invite just any kind of guest.
Last year a friend showed up in a long flowery outfit, perfect white sandals and a big floppy pink hat.
At one point she jumped on the kitchen table screaming at a mouse, then she non-stop complained about insects and needed an escort to the outhouse.
She left in a mess and her hat is still at the bottom of the lake.
July long weekend is best spent with people who revel in a little cabin craziness.
So whether or not you include a rookie this year, be sure to take off your shoes, splash lots, and soak up the start of a special summer.

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