Spring yard clean-up is underway

Spring yard clean-up is underway
I pride myself on putting the Christmas outdoor lights up far in advance of snow and cold in the fall. I try to organize it to happen before Hallowe’en.
Some years with hardly any snowfall, I can take the lights down from the bushes around the house and pick up the electric cords that run between the trees.
But this past winter, that November freezing rain and snowstorm placed a sheet of ice over the cords. Then the snows of December and January buried the lights on the bushes.
They miraculously re-appeared last week, almost in tune with the sea gulls that noisily announced how happy they were to be back on the Rainy River. The rains which will bring May flowers washed away the last of the ice covering those cords and they were successfully recovered.
Before packing up the lights, I test them to make sure they work.
Every spring I am surprised by the build-up of sand on my boulevard and sidewalk. The weatherman has called for some double-digit heat this week, and I estimate I will sweep up my traditional three wheelbarrows of sand.
The spring yard clean-up also is underway. Some kindly young men left some empty bottles that paid a nice dividend at a north-of-the-tracks store (it’s the first time that I have been paid for spring yard clean-up).
My yard manages to collect plastic bags, paper cups, flyers, empty pop cans. Winter snows bury them and they sprout like wild weeds at the first hint of spring.
On Saturday, I was not alone as many of my neighbours joined in celebrating these cleaning rites of spring. Coming inside, and looking out through my windows, I discovered that they, too, have picked up a thin exterior dust filter.
That will be another day’s activity.
I was stopped on the street by one of my friendly neighbours, who reminded me that, with any luck, I would be able to rake the grass and get rid of those last vestiges of fall and winter by next weekend.
That is the kind of optimism that makes spring so much fun. We can hardly wait to rake the grass, get our hands dirty in the garden, wash and wax the car, get the boats ready to go back into the water, polish the golf clubs, and drive some practice balls.
We all will work to accomplish these tasks in the next 30 days so that we can begin enjoying our passions early in May.

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