Spring definitely is in the air around here

What a great weekend we enjoyed.
The sound of water dripping off our roof and running down the gutter pipes is a welcome sign.
The warm sun has created spring fever in my veins. The slush ice that filled our street sidewalks is disappearing, being replaced by puddles.
Walkers are again out in runners and track suits.
The build-up of dirt, leaves, and broken branches that accumulated over the winter is re-appearing as the sun melts the layers of snow. I know that within a month, I will be raking those branches and grass as spring clean-up begins.
But I don’t even mind thinking about that because it will be done in shirt sleeves, and the tulips, daffodils, and crocuses will be popping up through the snow.
My white truck has been into the car wash twice in the past two weeks to wash away the brown road mud that clings to the sides and back.
It is good to see those big puddles in the road. Walking along the streets Sunday, the water sounded like waterfalls as it plunged into the storm sewers of Fort Frances.
Even driving across the district, the ditches were filling up with water and some of the steams had water flowing over the ice making its way to the river.
Spring is coming.
Making several trips to the men’s favourite store, I couldn’t help but notice all the lawn furniture is now out along with bulbs and seeds. Even a lawn mower was visible.
Store keepers are the optimists.
McTaggart’s and Betty’s have the latest spring fashions gracing their windows, telling you Spring Break is here and that old bathing suit or sundress just won’t suffice for another season.
The fashions shout “We are the new colours. We are the new styles.”
Feeling optimistic with a spring in my step, I headed to the annual “Community Chest” dinner on Sunday night and one of the first people I met reminded me that we still are in for three more snows after the sea gulls return.
Such a pessimist! It may be an accurate local folk tale, but by my reckoning, the sea gulls always mean that spring has arrived and even if a snow falls, it will disappear in a matter of days.
In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my walks, and the sounds of water running into drains and percolating down the downspouts of my gutters.
And each day the sidewalks and roadways will become drier.

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