Spring cattle sale deemed success

If you were in Stratton over the weekend, chances were it was to participate
in big business at the Stratton sales barn.
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association held its annual spring sale. “We will sell anything, even your chickens, at this sale,” sales manager
Russell Richards noted Monday.
They did sell one horse but other than that, they saw 1,475 head of cattle go through the barn.
Of those, 160 were fall calves while the rest were “bigger stockers,” said
Richards. The majority ranged from 550-900 pounds.
Richards said he did not hear any negative comments about the sale, and only had about half-a-dozen buy backs from owners who might not have liked the prices they got.
He said that is about normal for a sale.
Richards also said the Feeder Finance program played a big role at the sale, with the rest of the animals being sold about 50/50 to buyers from the east and west.
Richards said prices were comparable to Winnipeg, which he said was good.
“Of course, with the way fuel and fertilizer costs are going, they can always use more, but what they got was good.”
The sale saw one new trial balloon floated that Richards thinks went really
well. “We sold them in big batches this time,” he noted.
In some cases, the ring scale was filled, emptied, and then filled again before the entire lot of cattle were sold.
“This was a better way to do things and often the farmer received
a couple of cents more per pound,” Richards said.
The RRCA’s next sale is its yearling sale scheduled for Sept. 8.