Speed sign moved

Duane Hicks

One of the town’s two electronic speed signs has been moved from Fifth Street West to Colonization Road West to remind motorists just how fast they’re going.
The mobile sign was set up at the new site on Tuesday, Operations and Facilities manager Travis Rob told the Times.
The location was requested by the local Police Services Board, which previously has expressed concerns about the speed of traffic on Colonization Road West.
It will remain there for a couple of months before being relocated to a yet-to-be-determined site.
The town’s other speed sign–a permanent one–remains installed at the corner of King’s Highway and Holmes Avenue.
Rob said the signs have been useful in providing data for the OPP on how fast motorists have been driving, as well as providing accurate “car counts” for the town to better determine traffic volume on a given street.
“We have counts on a lot of our roads, but some of them are a little bit dated and some of them we don’t have any counts on at all,” he noted.
“And so for grant applications and different things like that, they always want to know your annual average daily traffic–or ADT for short,” Rob added.
“We estimate it where we don’t have data; sometimes we use our older counts to spur that data if it hasn’t changed dramatically,” he explained.
“But what these signs allow us to do is put it out there for a prolonged period and calculate–based on a week, a month, however long it’s on a site–what our ADT for that roadway would be.”
Rob stressed this is a much better alternative than sending out staff to sit on-site for two or three days to count cars.
The speed signs also make motorists cognizant of their speed and some–though not all–do slow down when they see them.
Rob said some Fifth Street West residents indicated to him they feel the speed sign there had resulted in more motorists heeding their speed, although he had not noticed much of a change personally.
However, one observation Rob found interesting when he compared the average speed data from both Fifth Street West and King’s Highway–two very different roadways–was that the average speed recorded by both of the signs was almost identical.
“It was typically in the mid- to high-40s,” he remarked.
“I am interested see what speeds come up there [on Colonization Road West].”