So proud to be a Canadian during Olympics

I am so proud to be Canadian today!
The 2010 Winter Olympics were simply awesome, and it couldn’t have ended any better than that gold-medal hockey game between Canada and the U.S. on Sunday afternoon.
I could barely watch I was so nervous, and I have to admit that I jump up on down on the couch and stuff.
When Sidney Crosby scored in overtime, I banged my table and scared “Karma” (I thought she was use to me by now!)
I have always been pretty patriotic (my entire office is decorated Canadian) and I always have really enjoyed the Winter Olympics, but there definitely was something about this one that was special—and I think it was because it was held here in this beautiful country!
I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy some of the special moments and stories about how hard these people work to get there. I also hope some of these athletes have inspired others!
I was invited to a hockey game party but since I am a little superstitious, I decided that I best stay home since that is where I watched the previous games.
I ended up with a cow calving, as well. It was “Debbie” (Darma’s mom) and she ended up with a beautiful heifer that we are going to call “Golden.”
• • •
Calving has been great—busy, but the weather has made it nice. I only have six left to calve.
It all seems kind of foggy, in fact, since it has been fast and furious.
• • •
“Canada,” my cow with the swollen jaw, came into heat the other day and I was sad.
I have to admit I was suspicious since she is a lot thinner that the rest of my cattle, but I just blamed it on the jaw problem. I had never seen her in heat until the other day.
I called the trucker to take her to Winnipeg, but I darn near cried the entire call. She is a special cow (I don’t like to have favourites because they always die).
She had been featured on the Canadian Hereford website most of last year (they would use her photo for all kinds of features).
I ended up texting my vet cousin and she told me to keep her. She said she felt the problem would correct itself since it was not in the bone.
Actually, the jaw is almost back to normal but that is the reason I felt I should ship her, as well, because she looked normal.
So it didn’t take much convincing and I called the trucker back and cancelled her ride to Winnipeg. I know it is not a good business decision, but after all she is special.
• • •
We had another little party over the weekend (yes, we like to party). A few of the staff from the sales barn got together to welcome and meet a new little baby girl, Jodi Martin.
Delton and Judy are the proud new parents, and we had a nice night spoiling the new little bundle of joy! It only will be a few years and she will be helping us chase cattle at the barn!
• • •
I was invited to a “career day” last week where district high schools were gathering. I was supposed to go and talk about being a farmer, as well as the agricultural research station here in Emo.
Unfortunately, I was so busy with my farming career that I was unable to attend. I was very disappointed but when farming on your own, it isn’t always easy to just walk away.
I hope to drop off some of the material I gathered at the schools and would welcome talking to them at some other date.
I am a firm believer that we have to get out and promote what we do so people understand it—and maybe we even find a few more interested in taking on agriculture as a career!

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