So much for my big plans

Well, my big plans of having my jobs completed and housework up to date before heading back to the research station turned into meetings and some extra tasks.
Alas, the housework is still waiting.
On the other hand, at this time of the year, with a dog tracking mud and dirt in, keeping my house clean doesn’t last too long anyway.
• • •
Good news came out of the provincial budget last week as the government decided to agree to the proposed business risk management for beef and pork producers.
Plenty of details still are to be worked out, but they would like things to be in place by June! It would be a great thing now if the federal officials would agree to join the program, as well.
Of course, the program is arriving at the same time that cattle prices are on the rise, but we need to remember that it will fall again and being apart of the program might take away some of our extreme low times.
• • •
The Rainy River Rural Farms Safety Association held its annual meeting and elections. Rick Neilson (president), Carol Angus (vice-president), Shirley Teeple (secretary), Alwine Teeple (treasurer), and Shirley Morrish (promotion co-ordinator) have been promoting farm safety in the district for number of years now.
Bill Irvine was the founder and got the committee going both locally and provincially.
Of course, as the weather changes, it will turn into a very busy season so the committee would like to remind people to slow down and think safe!
Shirley has access to numerous publications so if there is something you would like information on, please let her know.
• • •
The Rainy River Hereford Association also held its annual meeting (it is normally in November but time just slips away sometimes).
They will elect their new executive from the board at their first regular meeting.
The association is hoping with the rise in cattle prices that they might be able to try a Hereford/Hereford Influence Sale or Hereford Pre-sort in conjunction with our stocker sale.
It also was decided to continue the “Guess the Weight” contest at the Emo Fall Fair as this is popular with the entire crowd.
• • •
We celebrated over the weekend as my vet cousin’s little guy (Callen) turned one! A year sure does fly by fast.
As well, my dad turned 64! He spent most of the day scratching tickets as that is likely his most favourite gift!
Meanwhile, my brother will be 40 this week! Yes, 40–I can’t believe it.
I get asked all the time if my brother is older or younger than me. Well, we are a year-and-a-half apart!
Happy birthday anyway.

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