‘Snowflakes’ given a fresh look

Duane Hicks

The “snowflake” decorations that line a few blocks of Scott Street each holiday season are getting a fresh look this year thanks to the BIA.
The group representing downtown businesses has been busy painting all 34 of the large, metal snowflakes red.
“We’ve been doing them for years,” noted BIA president Doug Cuthbertson.
“Originally they were white, then they were painted silver, and now we’ve decided red is a better colour.”
He explained that handling the sizeable decorations, particularly taking them in and out of storage each year, has caused the paint to chip off.
Volunteers also have been re-stringing the white lights along the star-shaped inside of the snowflakes to prevent them from getting damaged.
“Before the lights were on the outside, so when they went up and down, the lights got all banged up,” Cuthbertson said.
The snowflake decorations will be put up next week (Nov. 13 or 14) courtesy of the Fort Frances Power Corp.
The BIA also will be having Christmas baskets put up.
In order to reduce wear and tear on the decorations, Cuthbertson said the plan is to keep the snowflakes–which conveniently are painted a patriotic, maple leaf red–up year-round.
The tentative plan is to get signs made which will slip onto the red metal frames once winter is over.
These signs will bear messages such as “Welcome,” “Boozhoo,” and other greetings to local residents and visitors alike, and give the decorations a purpose outside of the non-winter months.
The BIA also will continue to hang flower baskets in the spring and summer.