Small-town life certainly has its advantages

By Kim Jo Bliss
Well, it seemed as though it was a busy week. Lots going on, lots to do!
I have heard so many times people complain about living in a “small town.” I likely have complained about this myself, but generally I have bragged about it.
I’ve told many of my urban friends about the coolness of being able to forget your wallet and still pick up your groceries on the promise you’ll be back tomorrow, or telling the restaurant you have no money and you’ll be back later, or not locking your truck when in town.
I appreciate these things.
We also all tend to know one another and watch out for each other. This past week, for instance, I ordered a “Bernie Brown” print for a gift for a retiring 4-H member. I ordered online, but left a phone number so they could call me back for payment.
Upon coming in from the barn one morning, I had a message to call back with my VISA number for payment of the print. I called and was speaking with Bernie’s wife.
After we did our business, she went on to tell me that she had dialled the wrong number. When she called and asked for Kim Jo Bliss, the person on the other end said, “Oh, is she here?”
Mrs. Brown then replied, “Well, I am not sure.”
The person in Emo came back on the line and told her: “She is not here and she doesn’t work here, but this is her number.”
Bernie’s wife was commenting on how nice it must be to live in a small town where people are so helpful and considerate.
While she was explaining this to me, I was looking over my order—and discovered I had typed in the phone number for DeGagne Equipment! So thankfully the staff there forwarded the correct number so this task could be
Another advantage of living in a small town!
• • •
My mom had to take a quick trip out of town this past week, and anyone who knows my family would know that my dad hates it when mom is away (even after all these years!)
They recently got a new dog–a puppy—and she has been very challenging (not sure if she is really crazy or we are all just used to older dogs). Anyway, she tends to really get on my dad’s nerves. Like, how annoying is it when you are lying on the bed, watching hockey, reading the paper, and chewing toffee, and the dog keeps barking at you–trying to get you to do something.
So, as my mom was getting ready, my dad told her, “I’m going to get rid to that dog when you’re gone.” We knew he didn’t mean it but when my dad called the other day, he asked, “Do you have a big plastic bag?” I almost fainted.
I quickly said “Why?” and I almost didn’t want to hear his answer.
It turned out he had made cinnamon buns for the staff at the clinic since he had a doctor’s appointment that day and he needed a bag to put them in.
Thankfully, “Kloee” was safe and still barking when my mom returned.
• • •
Lately I’ve been trying to be a little more energy conscious. It could be from the fact I had energy home inspections prior to my heat pump installation.
I’ve changed many of the light bulbs in my house to the new spirally ones. I also decided that maybe I should try these in my barn since at calving time, I often leave the lights on for a cow that is calving or just recently calved.
I installed them the other day. They seem to be great–but it is going to take me a while to get used to them since they seem to take a little while to work full speed. I tripped over a bucket about 1:30 in the morning this week, but I’ve decided to give them an honest try.
I won’t like it if I cannot find a calf, but hopefully I will be reducing my energy consumption!

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