Skills training program extended

Providing farmers and their spouses opportunities to access skills assessment and training to improve their farm profitability and net family income is the primary goal of the Canadian Agricultural Skills Service (CASS).
This valuable program is being extended and new applications are strongly encouraged.
CASS provides qualified applicants with no-cost access to a professional advisor, who will meet with you and focus on understanding your existing skills, your plans and goals, and provide you with a clear path on how to achieve them.
Financial benefits range from $8,000-$16,000 for qualified participants, depending on average net family income and other eligibility requirements.
Established producers, beginning farmers, and farm spouses with a net family income of less that $45,000 a year can qualify for CASS benefits.
The CASS program is here to assist you in acquiring the skills required to meet your goals. If eligible, CASS funding is available to pay for specialized training and associated expenses.
The CASS skills assessment advisor can help you find the most appropriate training for individual needs.
CASS participants have taken training in a wide range of areas, including, but not limited to:
•A/Z training;
•commodity marketing;
•bookkeeping and accounting;
•hospitality training;
•farm diversification (e.g., organic agriculture, working with new commodities); and
•goal-setting and business planning
CASS was developed to give farm families a choice about their future. Participants have used the program to increase their on-farm skills in areas such as business management, marketing, human resources management, and developing new production opportunities.
Farmers and their spouses also can use the program to develop off-farm and supplemental income.
Now is the ideal time to apply to the CASS program. Contact the CON*NECT CASS Centre right away to start the application process.
Take advantage of the winter months to participate in available training to help you increase your net farm family income. Look ahead and work with a skills advisor to plan your training activities for the fall now—before courses fill up.
For more information about CASS eligibility, the application process, or any other questions, contact the CON*NECT CASS Centre toll-free at 1-877-830-0200 or visit
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