Signs for bike path requested

Duane Hicks

A local resident is asking the town to put up some signs to clearly point out where cyclists should ride–and pedestrians shouldn’t walk–along the La Verendrye Parkway.
“Can we have a few signs up regarding the bike path?” Cynthia Donald wrote in an e-mail to council, which it received at last night’s regular meeting.
“Apparently many people feel like they don’t have to yield to bikers when they are on the bike path,” she noted.
“Also, if you come up behind a walker who is listening to music on the bike path, then you have no choice but to go around them–sometimes trying to avoid trees and benches,” Donald added.
“If you are more on the senior side of life, then this can be a little daunting,” she remarked.
“I’m sure a few signs up would help.”
Council referred Donald’s request to the Operations & Facilities executive committee for its recommendation.
Town council, meanwhile, agreed to “Shine the Light” on woman abuse next month.
Jacquee Loerzel, a community violence counsellor, notified council that Riverside Community Counselling Services once again is sponsoring the “Shine the Light” campaign, which first was initiated in London, Ont. by the London Abused Women’s Centre to increase awareness of woman abuse to the public.
“We are pleased to be one of many communities across the province helping to bring recognition to this issue through the ‘Shine the Light’ campaign,” she wrote.
“The campaign’s signature colour purple is used to symbolize courage, survival, and honour,” Loerzel added.
“Nov. 15, 2018 will be the official ‘Wear Purple Day’ to honour and stand in solidarity with those women who have experienced and endured abuse.”
Council agreed last night to proclaim the month of November as “Woman Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month” here, and to raise the “Shine the Light” campaign flag in front of the Civic Centre.