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When busy employers narrow down applicants for a job, they may use the “Eight Keys to Employability” as a screening tool.
These eight keys help employers remain equitable while hiring the best candidate for the job.
To better your chances of finding a job, show potential employers that you have the Eight Keys to Employability.
•Personal values
Employers want workers who demonstrate a positive attitude and are motivated, honest, and goal-oriented.
Project a positive self-image to employers and demonstrate that you are willing to reach beyond personal limitations.
•Problem-solving and decision-making skills
Employers in all industries want employees who are flexible, creative, innovative, and able to reason and make objective judgments.
•Ability to relate with other people
Employers want friendly, co-operative team members who can demonstrate leadership qualities.
Respect is an important aspect of this key.
•Communication skills
Companies are looking for good listeners who can express themselves clearly to clients and co-workers, and are not afraid to ask for help when necessary.
•Task-related skills
This includes completing work on time, caring for tools and materials, following directions, and sticking with tasks until completion.
Employers are looking for reliable, dependable, and responsible individuals.
If you take pride in your work and are willing to invest enough time and effort to get your job done with little or no supervision, you display the necessary level of maturity for success.
•Health and safety habits
Employers will hire people who dress appropriately and practice good personal hygiene, and who observe and respect rules and guidelines dealing with safety issues.
•Commitment to the job
You should show employers that you are enthusiastic, and will continue to learn and grow in your job.
Commitment to the job includes punctuality and consistency of work and effort.
To show employers that you have the right skills for the job, focus your résumé to demonstrate the Eight Keys to Employability.
When preparing for an interview, remember examples of times when you demonstrated the skills identified in these keys.
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