Senseless vandalism

Dear sir:
Several weeks ago, persons unknown vandalized a park bench at the Fort Frances Cemetery that I had dedicated in memory of my late wife, Rosina Morelli, and other deceased members of the Morelli family.
This letter is to first publicly thank the Parks Department of the Town of Fort Frances for their quick and thoughtful response to this incident by repairing the damage done.
I also would like to thank Mayor Glenn Witherspoon for listening to my concerns.
To the vandals responsible and to others who might think of vandalizing the cemetery in future, here’s a thought: to destroy a cemetery monument is one of the most hurtful and vicious things you can do to a person, especially to a senior citizen.
As you grow older, and hopefully more wise, you will very much regret such an act of senseless destruction and will have to live with it the rest of you life.
Thank you,
Domenico Morelli