See what you love; love what you see

Every day I wake up to a life-affirming calendar page. Every day is special, but some calendar days are more special than others.
One of the extra special ones was last Saturday’s.
“I see what I love and love what I see. I bless my eyes with love.”
As a result of that saying, I saw life in a completely different way.
At the time, I was sitting at my eight-foot desk which my son made to fit perfectly under our kitchen picture window. I have a wonderful office in the back of the house, but it has no picture window and I was always out of the flow.
So I moved.
Next, I looked at the computer desk he built with plenty of space for books, software, paper, envelopes, small pieces of art, and room for my printer and scanner.
Then I looked at the other side of the office where my husband, who designed our house, had planned floor-to-ceiling cupboards and book shelves for a mini office, which now is my main office.
How lucky can you be to have a husband, who designed a house in 1970 that’s still very contemporary, and a son who can do anything with wood!
Then I looked out the window at our wooded lot, where I could only see half of one house a city block away. I couldn’t even see my daughter’s silo house which backs up to our lot.
The deciduous trees are still bare, but some are clothed with ivy and some have low-lying branches. And the evergreens are green as ever.
From the Japanese yew that frames my window to the neighbour’s tree a block away, I appreciate every tree that grows here in Kansas.
Of course, I loved the trees of my childhood in upstate New York–the towering oaks, beautiful blue spruces, majestic pines, and sugar maples of the “big woods.”
But if I sit at my desk and look out into our Kansas backyard expecting to see those same trees, I always will be disappointed.
Instead, I must let go of my childhood ideas of what makes a beautiful tree. Then, when I look with fresh eyes out the window of my office, I can really see and love the beauty.
Thus, I “love what I see.”
The same principle applies to all of life–you see what you love and love what you see.
If I sit at my desk and think about all the difficulties of life, how the economy affects us and the gloomy wintry weather, I see only the dark side of life.
On the other hand, I can choose to ignore the weather and rejoice that the first yellow crocuses are heralding spring and be grateful that we still have money to buy organic produce and go out for Sunday dinner.
In his book “You’ll See It When You Believe It,” Wayne Dyer says when good things happen to you, which he calls synchronicities, just enjoy them and recognize them as “part of the mysterious perfection of our existence.”
There’s so much to see when you open your eyes with love!
Marie Snider is an award-winning health care writer and syndicated columnist. Write her at or visit

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