Second threat closes Falls schools today

Classes at International Falls schools were cancelled again today after a second threat was called in declaring a bomb would be on campus at 11 a.m., according to school officials.
Evidence concludes the caller was the same person who had called in a threat of violence left on an International Falls school district message centre Tuesday night, which resulted in students first being sent home yesterday morning.
The school district completed a campus sweep later yesterday and found no exploding device, according to a news release.
Parents and students with any information which could aid in this investigation are encouraged to call the school district or the International Falls Police Department.
Falls Police Chief Chris Raboin said yesterday afternoon that the investigation into the call continues. “We have a couple leads we’re still looking into,” he noted.
Raboin said police made a sweep of the schools in an effort to ensure they were safe.
The caller could be charged with felony terroristic threats, said Raboin.
Falls Superintendent Don Langan had said yesterday that classes were expected to be held today—unless another call was received.
Regarding the first message, Langan said a telephone message left at the district’s after-hours call-in centre threatened violence at a particular time yesterday morning, but did not direct the threat at any particular group of students or building in the district.
“This is an all-encompassing threat,” he said. “We spent some time this morning [Wednesday] . . . and had a reasonable window to tip and turn this situation as many ways as we could and as quickly as we could.
“We made the prudent decision, that even though there was no evidence other than the telephone message of a threat, we took the most conservative response to evacuate the campus and get the kids home.”
The first telephone message was found by a secretary, who begins the day at 7 a.m. with the task of picking up the after-hours calls.