Safety isn’t a contest

By Tyler J. Moffitt,
The Safety Advocate

Off-the-job safety is important to each and every one of us. No one wants anyone to suffer a serious injury that could alter a person’s life forever.
Unfortunately, it happens far too often to ignore!
Workplace safety is just as important. Going home at the end of the workday injury-free is what all of us need to strive for.
Taking the time to do your job safely, wearing the correct personal protective equipment, and following the correct safety procedures, as well as workplace cleanliness and housekeeping, is vital to your and everyone’s safety.
There are many different types of workplaces and industries across Canada. Some industries belong to an association that has a safety contest ever year for its members.
Some workplaces also set an annual goal, which is to be the safest workplace in Canada in their type of industry.
But many safety advocates throughout Canada believe safety should not be a contest! Annual goals and visions with regards to safety should include sending ever worker home at the end of the day injury-free.
Some safety groups in different provinces and territories want to be the safest community in Canada. Again, it’s similar to a contest! Some people like to call it more of a designation.
Would it not be more realistic to have a community whose vision is to have its citizens and visitors never have to suffer a serious injury? And if so, how would your community go about achieving it? What would need to be in place?
It’s important to get back to the grassroots of safety—and practise safety due diligence.
There are many basic things workplaces need to do to exercise and practice safety due diligence. For example, workplaces need to commit appropriate resources to health and safety.
In the past, if your workplace had a good health and safety record, and now it does not, what has changed? What was it like when your workplace was safer? What did the picture look like?
Perhaps the answer lies in the past.
Remember: no task or job is so urgent that you and others can’t take the time to do it safely!
Tyler J. Moffitt is a volunteer firefighter and emergency responder, as well as a continuous improvement advocate.

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